Thursday, 23 July 2015

Stunt Register Falling Requirement


Sorry I have not been updating as regularly as I said I would. I have been busy training and working, I had a great job for Sony recently which you can find on my Facebook page.

Anyway lets get on to the subject of the title.

The next qualification you can choose as a Stunt performer lies in the 'Falling' section of the register. There are two options to choose from that are accepted as skills and these are Trampolining and High Diving.

The specifics are listed below.


Skills to complete

1) Single Back Somersault: - Straight, Piked & Tucked. 
2) Single Front Somersault: - Piked & Tucked. 
3) ‘Gain’ Front Ss Tucked. * 
4) ‘Gain’ Back Ss Tucked. * 
5) Barani: - Straight, Piked & Tucked. 
6) Link: - Back somersault S, Barani S, Back Ss P. 
7) Crash-Dive Straight (3/4 front somersault to back), Barani Ball out Tucked. 
8) Lazy Back (3⁄4 Back Ss) Straight. 
9) Twist to Crash Dive (Arabian).
10) Twist to Front Somersault Tucked (Arabian). 
11) Full Twisting Back Ss. 
12) Full Twisting Front Ss. 
13) Side somersault. 
14) 1 1⁄4 Front Ss Tucked. 
15) 1 1⁄4 Back Ss Tucked. 
16) 1 3⁄4 Front somersault Tucked, Barani Ball out Tucked. 

Recommended Form Score

For the purpose of this test each skill / combination will be marked out of 10 with a minimum deduction of 0 and a maximum deduction of 5.
The candidate should score an average 2 deduction with not more than 3 on any skill / combination. 
The test will be carried out by an Equity / JISC approved examiner (Jeff Hewitt-Davis 07785 574467, and Gordon Seed 07966 204115) An appropriate certificate will be available for use by the examiner. 
* To ‘Gain’ means to travel in the opposite direction to rotation; i.e. ‘Gain Front Ss’ means to travel backwards along the bed whilst rotating forwards; ‘Gain Back Ss’ means to travel forwards along the bed whilst rotating backwards. 

High Diving

All Dives need to be performed from the 10 Metre Platform
Dives to complete:

Without Clothes 

1) Forward dive (straight/standing)
2) Forward dive (straight/running)
3) Back dive (straight)
4) Forward somersault (any position)
5) Reverse dive (straight/standing)
6) Fall off back somersault (any position) 
7) 1 forward dive with 1⁄2 twist (running)
8) 1 Barani somersault (Forward somersault with half twist)

With Clothes

(Long sleeved shirt/blouse, long trousers, shoes and socks) 
9) Reverse somersault (any position, standing or running)
10) Forward somersault (any position, running)
11) Falling back somersault 

Recommended Form Score

To pass a candidate must average 5 out of 10 over all the dives. 
Candidates will be expected to show full control of each movement required.
The test will be carried out, with bubbles, at an approved venue by Examiners nominated by the A.S.A./G.B.D.F. from the current national list of judges and not the applicant’s normal coach.

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