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Stunt Register - Strength and Agility Qualification

The following post contains the information required to pass the Strength and Agility portion of the Equity stunt register qualification. It also contains the specific differences between the male and female gymnastics qualification and the climbing requirements.

Stunt Register Gymnastics Qualification

General Requirements for both male and female gymnasts.

The coach/examiner should B.A.G.A. 3 standard and not the applicants normal coach. All elements should be attempted for assessment .
It is a requirement that the gymnast attain all skills to a competant level, with an overall pass level of 70% and no individual section below 60%.


0 - 4 Graded failure to complete movement
5 - 6 Completed move but with insufficient style or technique
7 - 8 A competent performance of the movement with reasonable style
9 - 10 Excellent to flawless performance

Male Stunt Register Gymnastics Qualification

1. Handstand forward roll
2. Back roll through handstand
3. Two cartwheels
4. Round off (Arab Spring)
5. Standing back flip
6. Round off back flip
7. Handspring
8. Front somersault from reuther board

Pommel Horse
1. Half shear off left leg
2. Half shear off right leg
3. Five double leg circles on a mushroom pommel trainer 

1. Five swings to horizontal back and front
2. From inverted hang layaway and inlace
3. Dislocate from swing
4. Swing and back flyaway dismount
5. Muscle up and hold half lever

Cross Horse: Height 130cms
1. Layout squat through
2. Handspring

Long Horse 
Height 130cms
1. Straddle vault

Parallel Bars
1. Swing to handstand and hold three seconds
2. Back uprise from upper arms
3. Upper arm upstart
4. Short upstart on end of bars
5. Flank vault dismount

Horizontal Bars
Low Bar
1. Backward circle
2. Forward hip circle
3. Float upstart
4. Straddle sold circle dismount

High Bar
1. Backward long swings using gloves and loops
2. Forward long swing using gloves and loops
3. One or the other of 1 or 2 without loops
4. Swing and back flyaway dismount

1. Tuck jumo
2. Straddle jump
3. Dive roll
4. Front somersault tucked
5. Straight somersault
6. Running tucked front somersault 
7. Running straight from somersault
8. Standing back somersault tucked

1. 4m rope climb without use of legs

Female Stunt Register Gymnastics Qualification

Safety mats should be allowed under the beam and the single high bar elements can be performed over the pit. Each element is marked out of 10 in half mark intervals (i.e. 7.5 is allowable 7.3 is not). Candidates will be allowed a maximum of two attempts at each skill, the best mark to count.

Height 125cms 
1. Hadnspring
2. One of: Half on, half off,
                 Tsukahara tucked

Horizontal Bars
Low Bar
1. Upstart
2. Clear circle to min. horizontal

Shiny bar with loops and gloves
1. 3 x forward giants
2. 3 x backward giants

Single High Bar
1. 3 x back giants from cast
2. Tucked somersault dismount from swing under bar

Height 120cms
1. Mount from springboard onto one leg
2. Tuck jump
3. Either
    Backward walkover
    Free forward roll
4. Cartwheel to handstand hold 2 seconds
5. Full spin on one leg
6. Cartwheel tuck back somersault dismount 
    Free cartwheel dismount

1 Handstand forward toll
2. Back roll to handstnad
3. Two cartwheels
4. Handspring to one leg, handspring to two legs
5. Dive roll (Hecht, layout position)
6. Round-off two flics
7. Round-off tuck back somersault or:
    Round-off flip, tuck back somersault
8. Tucked front somersault from springboard
9. Standing tuck back
10. Running punch front

Mini-tramp (minimum 12" safety mat for landing)
1. Pike straddle jump
2. Piked front somersault
3. Piked or straight barani
4. Tucked somersault
5. Straight somersault
6. Running tucked front somersault
7. Running straight front somersault
8. Standing back somersault tucked

Rock Climbing Stunt Register Qualification


(British Mountaineering Club) S.P.A (Single Pitch Award) combined with an ability to lead climbs confidently at a H.V.S. (Hard Very Severe) standard.



(Mountain Instructor Award)



(Mountain Instructor Certificate)

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